From time to time I come across a problem that I just have to solve.  I will begin posting about some of those solutions here.

  • SOLR Scripts

    I do quite a bit of work with SOLR (Cloud). There are a few actions that happen over and over. I created these scripts to handle the repetitiveness. I’ve added those scripts to github here:

  • Java Client for AlchemyAPI

    I recently had to do some text processing using the resources provided by AlchemyAPI I found that the Java SDK was too simple and did not provide all that could have been provided.  I am grateful that the people at AlchemyAPI provided the RESTful service but I wanted the Java interface to do more so I wrote my own Java interface to their service and posted it to GitHub:

    Maven Central Repository Info|com.likethecolor|alchemy|1.3.1|jar


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