OutOfMemoryException in Maven

I came across a situation today where Maven threw an OutOfMemoryException. I didn't think the process would have taken that much memory but it clearly did. I was trying to deploy. I then tried it again but skipped the tests. No good. I found out that by setting the MAVEN_OPTS environment variable to something like -Xmx512m I was good to go.

By dan, ago

Comparing Hash Tables

I was recently asked in a comment how to compare 2 hash tables in Perl. Furthermore, the commenter mention that this would be use in a subroutine. There is a module Data::Compare I've never used this in any way other than to learn what it can do. From what I can tell it will not provide details. It will just tell you yes, the data structures are the same or no, the data structures are not the same. (more…)

By dan, ago

Maven Commands

I've collected a short list of commands I use for maven and thought I'd share. Install to Local Repository Compile Test Classes, Do Not Run Tests

mvn -Dmaven.test.skip.exec install
Install to Local Repository Do Not Compile Test Classes, Do Not Run Tests
 mvn -Dmaven.test.skip install
Generate Test Results in HTML Format (tests will be run)
mvn surefire-report:report
Generate Test Results in HTML Format (tests will not be run, source of reports will be last tests run)
mvn surefire-report:report-only
Run Specific Test Class
mvn -Dtest=MyTestClass test
Use Patterns to Run Specific Tests
mvn -Dtest=MyTest*lass test
Run Multiple Specific Test Classes
 mvn -Dtest=UnitTestClass,Accep*TestClass test
View Dependency Tree: output is a mono-spaced tree views of all classes in the current artifact
mvn dependency:tree
Download Sources: Usually when using Maven only the binary version of your dependency are fetched from the repository. This will tell Maven to download the sources of your dependencies.
mvn [goal] -DdownloadSources=true
Download JavaDocs: Same as with sources, Maven doesn't usually grab the JavaDocs.
mvn [goal] -DdownloadJavadocs=true

By dan, ago